My goal is to provide a safe & fun experience for everyone.  I put in the time scouting and preparing to get you on birds.  

After a ride in a mud boat decoys will be set (well before shoot time) and you can sit back in the blind (with fresh coffee) to hear the whistling wings and ducks setting on the water.  As the sun starts to rise, we will start working groups of birds via selective calling and motion in the spread.  When the magic moment happens and the birds are cupped up and locked on our spread I'll yell, "Take EM!" If your swing is true ducks will start dropping and my trusty Labrador Retriever will be hot on the chase. 

When the hunt is over, I can teach you how to process your birds whole via wax dip plucking.  If you want to step up your skills, we can spin up sausages & burgers that are guaranteed to tantalize even the most selective of palates.

Whether it is fast pass shooting at cans and bluebill or feet down decoying sprig and gadwall - you will get some prime opportunities to fill your strap.